Covid Update 6/9/2020

Good Evening Wake Forest and Surrounding Communities,


We have been busy making upgrades and a lot of them you might not notice when we reopen, because some are operational, new equipment, etc...BUT THE BEST UPGRADE WAS COMPLETED LAST WEEK! As far as we know we are the only Restaurant in the area / Wake County to have installed Cold Plasma Generators in our HVAC System. We made this sizable investment to protect our Guests, Staff and overall enhance the safety of our air.

Phenomenal Aire produces healthy ions replicating the same positive and negative ions found abundantly in nature. The ions produced by Phenomenal Aire are encapsulated within the duct work of a home or commercial office building's HVAC system and improve Indoor Air Quality by:

Deactivating harmful microorganisms including viruses, mold, bacteria and any organic compounds.

Eliminating Odors

Eliminating Allergens

Breaking Down VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Agglomerating particles in the air making them larger for more effective filtration

Reducing or eliminating static electricity in the environment

Phenomenal Aire cleans air naturally, and safely. There are no harmful side effects produced during the ionization process. Unlike other air purification technologies, Phenomenal Aire has no detectable traces of ozone associated with its process.

We are reopening Monday June 15, 2020 for Dine In Full Service and we will continue Curbside Takeout..

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