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Take Out Update

We would like to offer some information about our take out options and how this service is provided. 

All the information and rules for Curbside Take Out below are in attempt to maintain the high quality of food we make along with making sure all orders are filled correctly. 



As of 10/18/2021 we have resumed our online ordering system and it is available Mon-Thurs 11AM-8:30PM and Friday and Saturday 11AM to 4PM.  If we receive too many orders at any given time we might need to pause this system.  


All Curbside Take Out orders must be placed through our phone system. (No Walk Up Orders Can Be Received)


Our phone system will place you in the virtual waiting list to talk to the dedicated order attendant(s) staffed for each shift.  We have a dedicated staff that works either on the phones or as curbside food runner (the person that runs the food to your car).  Depending on the day and time the amount of staff will vary. 


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